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Installation - LED


This is only a sample mount for the LED.  This is not necessary.  I just wanted to.  I figure I may be moving this system to another heli in the future.  So to make things easier put the work in now.


Carbon fiber material was cut to the size of the LED.  Use fuel tubing and rubber washers.  An L-bracket is used for mounting.


Mounted the LED underneath the adapter plate.


Notice the double-sided tape underneath the plate.  This is to prevent movement.  Small strips is all that is required.


During the review the wire must have bent back and forth to cause the soldering point to break..


Unsoldered the wires.  Re-strip, cleaned and re-soldered.  New heat shrinks were also used.


To prevent this from happening again "Shoe Goo®" was used to protect the wires.


Then used a clear heat shrink to further protect the wires.  The heat shrink also protects the soldering points from shorting them accidentally.


Cut holes for the LED and reassembled with the carbon fiber plate..


This assembly is much more solid.


Mounted the LED in the same place as previous.


A closer look at the L-bracket mounting.


Plug the LED wire into the LED port on the adapter.


Notice wire protection on the LED wire.


Tie everything down.


UPDATE - LED Replacement - May 14,  2009


As promised, DJI sent me a replacement LED.


No more exposed solder connections.  The LEDs are now sealed.


Its dimensions are 80mm x 34mm.


Solid back.  Safe to use Velcro or double-sided tape.


Cable can now be separated.


Either end of the LED can be used to plug the cable into.


Cable has two different connectors.  The connector to the left plugs into the LED.


Mounted the LED on the side using Velcro and tie-wraps.


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