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about rosauro


Photography was one of those things I've always wanted to get into but always ended up doing something else.  I accidentally and instantaneously fell in love with photography shooting a friend's wedding in 2004.  I would consider myself a generation-X photographer; a digital photographer.  Having no background in photography, theory or hands-on; but with a computer technology background; mixed with commercial and contemporary art; and access to the information highway, learning digital photography was almost effortless. 


Needing to gain experience quickly I teamed up with an old friend from high school, a photographer, Bernard Tigno.  My father too, a photography hobbyist, gave me some old school guidance.  I still have lots to learn about photography.  I'm always researching old and new techniques from pros and amateurs.  In this digital era it's one of those things you'll never stop learning. 


Capturing a "moment in time" is priceless.  If I could capture an image, and able to spark an emotion, then I have done my job.








about the reviews


Disclaimer:  I am not an engineer, an expert in design or in the quality assurance field. 


I'm a photographer.


The VR head reviews consists of observations, comments and images that are not meant to misrepresent the product in any way.  The reviews are meant to present general information about the product and/or, if any, mention problems encountered during assembly or actual hands-on experience.  It's to basically show what a potential consumer should expect if purchasing the product. 


The tests are set up according to the recommended configuration by the manufacturer.  Any deviation from this will be mentioned.  


The products in these reviews are purchased, donated or on loan from the manufacturer.  The manufacturers have no influence in the ratings that is given.  Ratings can and will be changed if the manufacturer has made any significant improvements to their product(s) after an initial review.








about the images and text content


They belong to me.


The images and content in this web site are copyright "Rosauro Ona - rosaurophotography.com".  Anyone can use any of the images and/or text content for non commercial use as long as permission is granted and my copyright is visible somewhere nearby the image(s) and/or a link referring back to this site is available.


To use any of the content and/or images without permission is THEFT.  I will seek legal action against you if you do not comply. 


I reserved the right to refuse or ask to cease usage of my text content/images regardless of reason.


Other people's work are mentioned here and are properly credited by mentioning their names and providing a link back to their web site.


Let's all get along and play nice.







about this web site


Everything about this web site was created by me.  Literally everything...


All the images and pages are created on my own time.  Nobody pays me to do this.









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I would like to thank the following for their guidance, suggestions, opinions, expertise or contribution in one way or another during the creation of this site.


Alain Hamblenne ( Outline.be )


Bernard Tigno ( Depic.ca / BTigno.com )


Bill Bailey ( NodalNinja.com / CircularWorlds.com )


Darius Fok


Eric Rougier ( FromParis.com )


Girard Agatep


Min Chen


Noel Antonio


Philo ( Philohome.com )


Stuart Milne ( 360Precision.com )


Taryn Tellenbach








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