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In 2008 DJI introduced XP3.1 GPS autopilot system that stirred excitement in the RC AP/AV world.  It didnít take long for the news to travel as RC helicopter enthusiasts were quick to implement this system into their helicopters.


Two years later on December, 2010, DJI released ACE ONE; an enormous improvement from XP3.1.  During that period XP3.1 was discontinued and replaced by Ace One.


The additional features ACE ONE highlights are flybarless support, integrated engine governor, integrated tail gyro, enhanced failsafe and user upgradable firmware.  Tilt and roll gimbal stabilization was optional with XP3.1 but comes standard with ACE ONE.


DJI reduced the number of components by combining the LED indicator with the GPS & Compass module.  Previously with XP3.1 these were separate. 


ACE ONEís size and weight was reduced considerably from XP3.1; a third of XP3.1ís weight. 


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