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Made in Germany - the Joker3/Maxi-Joker3 is the latest addition for 2010 to the Joker family since its birth in 2000 with the Joker1.  It's a 90 size electric helicopter that has become one of the most popular platforms for aerial photography.  The Joker3/Maxi-Joker3 is now available with a torque-tube driven tail rotor; a long awaited wish by many users.  A belt driven tail is still available.  With new flybarless systems entering the market the helicopter comes with a flybarless head and optionally a flybarred head. 






The following is for informational use only.  In no way the information within replaces assistance from someone with experience in building and configuration of RC (remote control) helicopters.


Please seek professional assistance if you are new to RC.  This is a dangerous activity and every safety precaution and procedure must be followed and taken seriously.




Also have a look at Minicopter's Diabolo build manual





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